What's it Worth?

Fair market VALUATIONs

Strategic Business Services have been performing Fair Market Valuations of businesses for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a reliable non bias valuation. We offer the simplified FMV Fair Market Valuation or our comprehensive FMV depending on your needs. Our FMV’s have been used for many types of purposes over the years.

Buying or Selling a Business

Whether your looking at buying or selling a business you need to know what its worth. When we get asked “how much is my business worth” our answer is always the same, its worth what someone is prepared to pay. So knowing what the Fair Market Value is of your business is important, especially when it comes to your goodwill you’ve built and all the hard work you put in.

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Partners and Investors in a Business

Your thinking of investing in a business, or maybe bringing on a partner, now might be the only chance you get to know what this business is worth before you put your money in or maybe before you sell shares for less than you should have. We all want to know what are assets are worth, don’t you want to know value of your business and what it is really worth?

Syndicated Business Solutions | Fair Market Valuations

Estate Planning and Corporate Structure

We see a lot of companies that are not structured properly with a Holding company owning your Operating company. Now to move the Opco into the Holdco we need a value of the company and there maybe taxes to pay. With a FMV and the right accountant performing the right actions under the tax laws this can be done to mitigate taxes. Talk to us today about your corporate structure and the need for an FMV.

Syndicated Business Solutions | Fair Market Valuations

Separation and Divorce

In today’s world we see a lot of clients that are going through tough life changing times like separation and divorce. When this happens to business owners and their spouses one of the two need to know how much they should value their business at. The only real way to come to a value is with a Fair Market Valuation. So before you give away too much or don’t get enough find out what the business is really worth today.

Syndicated Business Solutions | Fair Market Valuations