Business Guidance

Coaching & Management Consulting

Are you a business owner struggling, in a slump or wondering what is coming next? Talk to us, we’re here to help.


Business Coach Ideals Rooted in the Basics of Business Management Success

Based in Calgary, our coaching expertise will take your company to new levels of success, achieving goals for small and mid-sized companies.

We show owners and management how to understand business in fundamental ways, while steering away from paradigms that are working against achieving their goals.

SBS Corporate Services

Every business is in the business of making money. SBS business coaching services help business owners and executives succeed with both their corporate and personal goals.

We, at Strategic Business Services, focus on the business owner and the business, not together but individually. After all, the business owner may not own want to own this business forever so meeting the goals of the owner along with that of the business is paramount to the practice of business coaching.

What are your goals? Let us help you through our process. First, we make sure that our clients have strong personal goals and plans. This will provide the foundation for us to build on. Next, we meet with you, our client,  and evaluate your goals. Then, working with you, we develop a solid plan that is manageable, executable and feasible for all of us to achieve in a reasonable, agreed upon time.

Our clients hire us for our ability to:

  • grow their business
  • save their business from potential bankruptcy
  • start a new business
  • sell or buy an existing business
  • refinance their company
  • help with their exit strategy
  • assist with long term personal and or corporate goals.

At Strategic Business Services, we have built our brand on client referrals. Our reputation really does proceed us. Call or email us today for your FREE one hour consultation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are at your service.

Cash Flow Management

Real cash flow management practices that we will teach you from a basic to advanced  level that will provide maximum results to run your business.


Our extensive marketing experience will help you develop a plan which includes marketing initiatives customized to your needs while staying true to your budget and your goals.

Financial Planning

Let us help your business with financial planning, forecasting and fiscal responsibility. We work closely with several major banks and other lenders, which helps us to provide a vast array of financial options.

Lead Generation

Looking for and getting leads through your efforts is essential to your businesses growth and health. Converting them is even more important. Let us show you how over the years we have developed lead generation systems.

Business Structure

No two businesses and business owners are alike. It’s important to have the right structure to ensure reduced liability, increased profitability and to mitigate or defer tax liability. Do I need a holding company? Should I be a Sole Prop? Do I need to Incorporate? Ask us and we help you figure out what is best for you.

Project Management

With our main consultant’s experience in Project management, we have come to learn that everything in life is a project and running a business is no different. We have entrenched some of the great principles of project management into what we teach our business clients.


Budgeting and cash flow management are integral to our clients success. Too many owners don’t recognize the pulse of their business. We teach budgeting principles,  including why it’s so important for them to get on top of their cash, income and expenses.

Digital Strategy

Throughout a businesses life cycle its important to stay on top of the newest marketing trends. Digital Marketing is something that your business must be engaged in and you need to do it right. We have an experienced team to get you the results you need to stay ahead of your competition.

HR Management

With years of HR management experience we have learned to hire great people, because you can’t train someone to be a great person, but you can train a great person to do or be anything. We have a great working knowledge of HR and can assist in the development and management of a great team for your business.